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And now we know it. What happens in one part of the world does affect us and we affect them. What you see here is a phenomenon of that interrelatedness that some seem to want to deny.

That some humans do care about other humans is a good thing. We want them to be learn, to be engaged in the world, to grow as persons, to widen their own worlds and meet the world with their talents developed.

We can want this for all people. Empathy is not a weak liberal trait. Perhaps you need some harsh experience of your own to gain this ability to feel, think, and see with the experiences of others.

But, sadly, harsh experience seems to also produce harsh minds and remnants of hostility stored within and expressed as harsh views toward others.

About all of you and these children. One of my former students worked in Kenya and found this to be one of the most uplifting experiences of her young life.

May you all be similarly uplifted! These injustices have been brought to the American media, see? And what will happen now? The Americans will buy less chocolate and some of these kids will be left with no way to feed themselves?

I know it is not fair these kids do not have the oppurtunities our kids have. But, their home and our home are 2 very different places.

Before you decide to never buy any chocolate ever again, make sure there is an alternative for these children in place.

No need to make a bad situation worse. Said simply and to the point, MazeAndBlue. Hopefully, the heartless trolls slobbering across this board will consider the subject matter with greater dignity and share your desire to remove children from slavery.

MazeAndBlue Help your own children. If you were stronger you would have your own workers rights. What can I do? I will research other companies that are linked and boycott them too.

I will also inform my friends of this article and tell them what I have decided to boycott. Agricultural slavery is kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, and if you die while in bondage, then it is also murder.

So what are you all going to do? NO - the orders will be better than ever and there will still be tons of consumers lining up to buy the product.

Did you see this article on your local news? The answer is no one cares; just like in the history books. Look up how much slavery it takes to make the iPhone, Windows Phone 7, the motherboard, and more.

This is where you can see the strain between America and other nations They should know better than that Well, this is a country where there is no Welfare, no Social Security, no Groupe homes!

These kids for the majority of them, work with their parents in these fields. They are migrants workers in the Ivory Coast! It could be true that some may be smuggled into the country, but most cocoa fields in the IC are family-owned small farms.

What about a Valentines Day boycott. It is one of there biggest selling holidays. We only do it for one day.

It will not cost jobs but it will send a message and we can promise to do it every year until they insure they no longer buy from people who use this kind of child labor.

I think they will get the point if cost them one of there biggest holidays. I am putting this out there in the hopes its a spark that will start a fire if anyone wants to start this facebook page or webpage please do so.

Do you relize everything from these third world countries are built,farmed,harvested,killed ect It is not United States.

When we police other countries Iraq,Afghanistan ect Jesse Jackson will raise holy hell if Newt Gingrich suggests that young blacks be given jobs and responsibilities and learn how to work in their schools.

Jesse Jackson is, of course, mute when it comes to atrocities in Africa. Such is the same for the media. Evil will tolerate any injustice and it despises truth.

The Government, of The Ivory Coast, sets the price of the coco. The only injustice is that these damn child workers are over paid.

They are slow and small and require too much supervison.. What a load of utter nonsense and baloney from these two reporters who are only looking for sensational news items.

I know the cocoa farms in these countries about as well as the farm owners do. Let us get this quite straight, what CNN is reporting is a blatant lie.

The children working on these farms are members of the farmers family or the tenants crop sharing family. I am so sorry that all of you who have commented here on this site have been mis-led.

I lay out a challenge to David McKenzie and Brent Swails to meet with me in Cote Ivoire to find and talk to these so called coca slaves..

Life on cocoa farms is a happy affair where all members of the farmers family muck in so to speak. I could go on but please all you nice people, ignore this sensationalist load of twaddle.

Enjoy your chocolate and Ii repeat, McKenzie and Swails will you accept my challenge? If you do, I want full coverage of a CNN team to record what happens and then you two can aplogise for scaring innocent people and then resign!

The African continent is slave central and always has been. Just let them starve to death. No need to insult people. I think we all the same bottom line in life.

Slavery needs to stop and I challenge everybody to do at least one thing that will help eradicate this problem. Ask yourself "What have I done to help?

I find it incredible, that in our world of toady that there is no much naivety and propaganda and lies being spouted out by "The Press for spectacular copy and those simple folk who are just sucked in to the lies and deceits spouted out by the News agencies.

What i do not comprehend is that so many contributors to this site know B all about Africa, B all about Cocoa, and, B all about how W.

African cocoa farms work. I have lived and worked in the cocoa areas for over 30 years and know the farmers and their children well.

Of course they have not accepted the challenge as they know full well that their reports and footage are bent and twisted and it takes in suckers like you!

So you did not read the news about Hershey laying off workers in Pennsylvania and moving production out of the country?

This happened at least 5 years ago. So where were WE during this dismantling of yet another industry in America? Resting on our laurels.

The same thing happened to the garment industry. So think about this. Each time you buy something made overseas, chances are it involves child or slave labor.

The only way to stop this is to stop buying those products and support locally operating businesses which maintain their workers here.

When ever they pick cocoa, they are slaves. When I eat chocolate, I am a slave. Chocolate is our true master. They are just paid crappy?

He is 10 years old and unable to leave or go to school. He barely gets paid anything. Yet another pleasure product I will eat with guilt and knowledge or a now revealed evil.

I feel bad for the boy and others like him. Our cocoa venders should be screening for such things. But alas, the world is complicated and nobody wants to take the lead because it costs money, costs time, so that leaves non-profit groups to do the dirty work which will be slow, painful, and perhaps never bear fruit.

I am thinking the same thing. There are not schools all over the place, there are very few resources for these kids and their families. Take the work away and what is left for them?

No child should have to work to survive, understood. But, what other options do they have. If we take the work away, are we replacing it with school, food, and shelter?

It really sucks but that is their reality. Life is not fair and never has been. Look at our government! Dem and Rep both! So now we are slaves to the government for more of our tax money.

Take a good long look at that story. He genuinely cares about the poor; he once proposed paying poor kids for each book they read. Education and work is the way out of poverty, not government handouts for doing nothing.

Oh yes, GreenGrinch cares about the poor He also proposed and idea in the early nineties that welfare mothers be sterilized.

Do honestly believe he was gonna pay poor kids to read books?? The slave owners have always been Democrats. And continue to be by not helping people stand on their own feet.

The term "chocolate child slaves" sounds derogatory. Can we call them African child slave? You are an idiot.

They are not calling the slaves "chocolate" becasue of their skin color. It is due to the fact that they are slaves of the cocoa industry. Why does everybody have to make issues in regards to race.

You people try and read between the lines when ultimately there is nothing there! Brathead, try following your own advice and read between the lines.

As populations increase, the value of reasources will continue to go up, while the value of human beings will go down. I am very sad that anyone, especially children, are slaves of any sort.

I pray The Lord will free and comfort the orphans and slaves. I am very sorry to hear this. And by praying you mean doing nothing yourself and hoping a 2, year old zombie named Jesus can help even though if you believe in him, you believe he already knows the future?

Jon, are you assuming that your god is going to listen to your prayer and alter his plans just because something makes you sad? I mean, if god knows all and has the power to do anything, then he must approve of child slavery.

How about YOU actually doing something about this. Donate money, or go there and try to make a difference in the world. If you just assume that some invible sky god is going to fix everything, then nothing will ever get done.

Yeah so God was totally aware of this and all the other messed up stuff that happens in the word that we never even find out about and let this happen but then since people will beg him not to..

Sounds like a swell being. Are you willing to give up chocolate and diamonds now???? Putting the blame solely on the shoulders of the Ivorian government.

Yes, they deserve blame but we as a country are blind to the evil practices of US corporations outside our borders that not only encourage but require these types of practices to happen.

Nestle, Hershey, they are still seen as simply fun candy producers and the Ivorian government gets portrayed as corrupt. In the early 80s, Nestle was found to have contaminated infant formula that was being passed off as safe to the people of this country.

When the FDA forced them to remove all tainted formula, what did Nestle do? They sold it to the people of Africa. Some Corporations are truly bottomline oriented.

Children are kidnapped everyday in the world to fill a need. Somebody, somewhere, will see this as an opportunity for wealth when in reality, it is the robbing of a life.

The children in this story are given just enough food to keep them harvesting chocolate. They are given nothing else but raggy clothes and dirty shelter.

What kind of job is that? And, if they wanted to leave, then what? They would be hunted down and returned to slavery.

Corporations who look the other way, grease the cogs that will keep the wheels turning. Instead of adding sweetness to the world, their products have infested us with a sickness.

In response to Jimbob: Are you claiming that you feed children to you vehicle, or make them push? Instead of boycotting, people should be adopting these kids instead.

I hear you Adam. Boycotting sounds all well and good. But what are we replacing these jobs with? I feel the need to buy a ton of chocolate right now because I feel like that would help these kids more than boycotting it would.

No work and what do they have? Give me a way to donate to their welfare, I would boycott the industry in a heartbeat, no problem.

Oompa Loompa, do-ba-dee-dee, Use kids to lower costs significantly. They probably come out if any of these kids try to leave. I know you because I saw your video on CNN one weeks ago.

I heard that you want to go school but you never go there. You earn no money and just work. And you work in cocofarm, but never have eaten chocolate.

I want you to live with parents, and go to school and you will eat chocolate. The media needs to stop calling everything slavery today.

These kids are not slaves. They are not in shackles, they are not auctioned off, they are not owned by anyone. I feel like whenever a kid does any work it is instantly called slavery.

Just like the word racist, slavery has also totally lost its meaning in this age of political correctness.

Much of Africa is in survival mode. Even for those very rare individuals who are not "chained" to this sort of health endangering work, they are still being affected, physically and emotionally.

Then there is the issue regarding money. Yes it is true that these children may claim that they are volunteering to do this because the family needs money to survive.

It seems to me that we are equating child labor with slavery. Unfortunately, if there are no other job prospects, then you have to settle for what keeps you alive.

Gingrich will never be elected. You can stop your spamming How about looking out for someone else for once? Then these kids will be left with absolutely nothing.

Until there is an alternative in place, I say we buy it like crazy to enure the survival of these kids. Unless you know of a charity that will enure they are fed, clothed and have shelter with out these jobs.

But that is work and might require cajones. Western white people need to stay out of their culture and society. They are not like us and trying to impose our customs and ways has completely screwed up their culture.

The educated smart Africans know how damaging our influence has been but they keep their mouths shut because they want the money.

Let Africans run Africans own affairs and business. The left wing screwballs that go there under the many cottage industry charities and aid organizations only usually provide more upheaval to their system.

The Africans do not fit into our cultural standards and never will and perpetuating our standards on them only adds to more chaos. And there are many people there who have never attended school but prove to be very adept at business as they practiced it from a young age.

Know your subject before making pronouncements from your ivory tower. The women usually do not attend school past the early years but they are often the main providers as the men if they are lucky just get very low paying jobs even with their degrees as the women there know how to do business from a young age.

Get out of their business. Let them sort their countries and their problems themselves in their way. Their way may not seem to fit into our social standards but it is their countries and their people.

Do you speak from some kind of first hand knowledge. The most we can do is to provide some financial support.

Sending over our so-called "experts" should be limited to only people who have real needed talents like in electricity and sewage and other necessary infrastructures.

Mostly these people are NOT provided by the U. I speak from years of observation and experience. Want to take bets on whether that will happen any time soon.

This was just my first reaction to the one-liner that described this article: He has never tasted chocolate" You are comparing quite irresponsibly apples with oranges.

And that opening line was quite painful to read It saddens me how these children are used. You are making Abraham Linclon turn over in his grave.

Thanks for moving your plantations offshore. These children have parents right? Where are the parents? Did you not read the part about the boy whos mother died and a stranger took him across the border to the cocoa farm?

Seriously, read the articles before posting Lowell is a realist, not a reader. And if capable parents are the prerequisite for a prosperous, happy existence, many of us are screwed.

We need to import more from Peru, some of the best chocolate comes from Peru and is child-labor free!!! These kids are not slaves, they are working and can leave anytime.

Are you a member of the human race? You people who lack basic sympathy and empathy for others are defined as sociopaths. Maybe if a fellow sociopath has a hard time, you will empathize with that.

African problems, American problems, blah, blah, blah. If the same situation was happening to some white kid with blond hair and blue eyes, you guys would be an uproar.

In the transition from an agricultural to an industrial society and then to a computerized society, almost everything of value as a human being has been lost.

I am a subsistence farmer now, it took me about 5 years to pay for my land and small house. I wish I had done it earlier. I have enough production to trade for meat now.

As far as I can tell, the industrial revolution was an epic fail for human beings. The kids have a job and get paid have a a purpose, better than them out killing and robbing everybody cause they have nothing to do,.

Honestly, these kids are just doing some labor. I think it is still better than getting cancers from the industrial pollution from the production of commodities that are shipped to US because the workers cannot afford them.

By cleaning a toilet, a US citizen can be paid enough to by chocolates for every meal. If a person do that same job in the poor regions of the world, I am not sure he can afford a few rolls of toilet paper for his family.

Not much different from the coffe industry. This is very poor journalism if you are looking at this objectively. The poor kid has to work and has never tasted chocolate.

Well, I have never tasted beluga caviar or a truffle either. This kind of problem has no resolution unless a military power goes in and forces the local government to change.

Just asking them to change will never happen because all it takes is for one chocolate company executive to write some big check to some corrupt govt official and BAM!

The American consumer wants everything at the lowest possible price — those in under-developed nations provide the back-breaking labor to provide us with our comfortable life.

We have no comprehension of true poverty — how many people die every day in this country due to starvation or diseases such as typhus, yellow fever or dengue fever?

Did you ever stop to consider that the majority of Americans buy the lowest price because thats all most of them can actually afford?

When the CEO takes home 20 miliion a year plus benefits stock options, perks , etc. The next American revolution will be driven by the treatment of labor within our borders and beyond our borders and the guilty and the innocent will pay the price for the greed of a few and the incompetance of all of our politicians.

Slavery is alive and well and American Corporations care more about profitting from it than they do about ending it.

Its a hush hush issue within the corporate world. The big wigs know about it. Thats how they profit. Its the same thing as sending jobs to China or Vietnam.

Anyway you look at it Thanks to the Federal Reserve Banking System and powerbrokers and corrupt governments. You call them monkeys?!

Africa have the root of civilization and you call them monkeys?! Ignorant, racist, and a white surpremist! If they are monkeys, Americans are pigs, as indicated by your user name.

Because of the ignorance, racist people like you There are other groups of people out there besides Caucasians that are prejudiced against people who are different from them.

Why not assume he is a Mexican supremacist? What other kind of supremists have there been in the last century?

That said, get your facts straight, Slavery was not an American Invention. It was a part of African heritage and history long before Europeans showed up on their shores.

Actually, I had nothing to say about race issues until you starting spewing "White supremacist!!! And just so you get your facts straight, racism has existed before and independently of the United states AND Caucasians.

No one is without faults. American history may not be flawless, but neither is the history of any other country. Man, you truly do love to spew stereotypes.

You just need to cut your chocolate intake. True, and they should also kick start caring by throwing out all foreign interests. Organize and then open up to whom they wish, when then like and how they decide to.

You hit the nail on the head,C. At which the women nominees wear dresses costly thousands of dollars,and then only once!

Look, these kids will be fine, I understand the situation. The only ingredient that is missing is access to school, not the work in the cocoa farms.

If people want to help these kids, the best way is to build schools close to where they work in the farms. After school, they can go to work and believe it or not majority of them will combine the benefits of the two — school and farm work to improve their future prospects.

I realize what I am saying may sound harsh from the comforts of America, but it is not. See the emphasis, after school. Africans have very strong work ethic that starts from the farm when they are young.

Most African countries are down because of colonialism, slave trade and the after effect of colonialism or neo-colonialism, read corruption.

If you are a friend of Africa, look for ways and join others of like mind to build schools for the children of the cocoa farms.

They will graduate from the cocoa farms and the schools to be strong members of their community, country and the world. This is the approach that certification agencies i.

Rugmark have taken in south Asia, where child labor and child slavery are common in rug manufacture. The children need income to support themselves and their families, so the companies are not required to fire child workers in order to achieve certification.

Instead they must provide 1. There is no reason why a similar certification program could not operate in the chocolate industry.

I am not against the global economy and international dealings, but when we sacrifice so many of the healthy transactions of local communities which are like family transactions we in fact sell out and treat each other like slaves.

Does this mean children of American farmers are also considered slaves if they pitch in with chores? Would it be better to let these kids starve rather than give them a job?

Africa seems to always get nike shirts and coke cola so they should be able to get a snickers bar. After all, starving to death is much more enjoyable than being a slave.

Well, no he probably is not joking. What will be your answer when they are barred from working? Leave quick so you dont have to see them starve?

There has been slavery in Africa since the beginning of recorded history. It still is not right and needs to be eliminated.

These people have been enslaved by their own and sold until it seems normal for some of them — its not!

The ancestors of these people are the ones that sold slaves to the European captains that then brought them to the Americas to start that horrible human crime here.

It is time we put an end once and for all to this human travesty. I like this one. Instead of blaming the male gender, it puts women in the crosshairs of the "demand" for slaves.

Women probalby eat the vast majority of chocolate for thier "emotional and physical needs". I hope that during my lifetime the whole world will unite under one Empire.

So these countries will stop there evil ways. I noticed that the article did not identify the companies involved. The price of chocolate will go up, but maybe these children will have schools and their parents will have jobs with a decent enough wage to support the kids.

It is "slavery" when you have no other options and are being exploited. Even if child labor is "moral" in Africa, these kids should be paid for what their work is worth; not just "a little food, the torn clothes on his back, and an occasional tip from the farmer.

CNN team is incredibly stupid. If these children would not be "employed", they most probably would starve — they have no parents, nobody to care about them.

If you "fire" them from plantations, like CNN team wants, then what happens to the children? This is another thoughtless left feel-good propaganda "news".

The real solution is to help these countries to change their way of life. Trying to interfere in a survival situation resulted from a horrible lifestyle is a very western-like, stupid, naive thing.

It demands to stop the child labor. The higher wages would be fine, but this is not what it is about. I am afraid that if we would interfere with requirements of higher wages, then everything would shift to shadow economy, and the children would have even less protection and even less wages.

This is a very complex matter. We cannot stop even production and distribution of narcotics drug, how come we can be so naive that we can control the production of chocolate?

Judging by this report, it appears that all these countries are now ripe for Communism. Karl Marx had the right idea years ago when this kind of thing went on in much of Europe.

Child labor should not be permitted anywhere, even in countries friendly to the West which most are!!! Our large corporations simply buy cocoa from their suppliers.

Not all countries are to be held to our standard of living. And what if everyone stops eating chocolate?

Are those children going to be better off? Does that make it right? The problems in Africa are because of Africa.

You can take away the chocolate trade and those people are going to be just as miserable. They even thought that they had really created something with Zimbabwe, and then poof!

In just a few days that country fell right back into corruption and poverty. Its not a question of what is being produced from child labor, its what should we do to stop it?

It needs to stop being about the cheapest way to make something and rather about the way it is produced. Why does a CEO get to benefit from billions a year while a child who is making his chocolate has never even tasted it, let alone been compensated?

Child labor is used all over the world including the United States. Child labor in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing.

Yes, this is deplorable. But these problems are worldwide. In many societies, the women are slaves, too. They do ALL the work, get beaten by their husbands and fathers at will, have no money and have no choices regarding their lives.

Child slavery does suck. Our policymakers should be held accountable with their vote. And what exactly would these uneducated workers do if it were not for the work provided to them?

And then we would be dealing with the issue of starvation instead of child labor. There will always be haves and have nots.

The poor are always pulled up by the rich in time the economics situation will improve. And to now read this report makes me furious.

As long as there are lobbist then this will continue. Political and corporate greed rules America. I want to work not even my mother forced me to work.

The child is perhaps doing what they are doing to survive. The leadership of Ivory coast is to blame. Having said that, we use Child labor in the US for corporate profits.

Child Actors Child Athletes to name a few. Capitalism has very serious problems with it. One of those problems is it seems to be embrace immorality.

But I judge all these practices. I am that terrible liberal you fear so much. I would cast off these shackles and let your businesses collapse.

Nice job but some of us are not fooled. Yes I believe it happens in other countries This is the exploitation of the poor by the rich.

This is what our corporations have done.. They have gone to third world countries to exploit the poor.. While they fight to put Americans in the position of being exploited, by buying politicians that fight to destroy prosperity in the United States..

This is how the rich corporations get richer.. Most of the things we use are made by poor people working for nothing.. But the truth is , they are only exploiting them and their desire to earn some thing , anything..

We humans all over the world are responsible for what Abdul and other kids like him go through. It is our greed that makes us take advantage of others.

Yes, it is us consumers, who want that 50 cent chocolate bar, the same price we paid 10 or 20 years ago. We, the consumers, need to change our behavior.

Do you really thing the corporations that exploit these children would pay them more if they charged more? The whole reason for going to these countries, is that they have nothing..

They can pay them pennies or as this chlld is paid.. But charging us more? Yes they would do that.. YOu just proved my point So it makes the greedy rich feel good..

And the consumer feel good. Though this childs life is still tragic.. I equate it to some one getting dog out of a bad situation..

Some one takes the dog to "help" it.. They think they have improved that dogs life. Same exact reasoning you just used But for people of third world countries..

Their lives are still miserable.. Just not "as" miserable.. Sick and twisted reasoning keeps this going on. I would think we as consumers have the power to demand that the Ivory Coast follows child labor laws or we will not buy their cocao.

Gotta make those interest payments on the debt. I was forced to pay for an illegal war in Iraq. Now your telling me my chocolate is tainted with the blood of child slaves and so is my iPhone Wait I have to throw up.

Are we the only country in the world that eats chocolate? Let me see, I am a starving, homeless 10 year old kid in a poor country with barely a functioning government let alone any social services.

A farmer is willing to let me work on his farm in exchange for food, clothing, shelter and protection. I know what my choice would be.

It is up to Africans themselves to look for their own interest. People have been exploiting one another since the ancient time.

It will not stop today or tomorrow. Just wait and see when all the Chinese, and Asian people start to like Chocolate. As you know they are getting wealthier.

Then Africa has to shut down schools. Ironically, being a child slave in a chocolate farm is a better live than being a "free" child who sifts through burning garbage to recycle and resell toxic rare earth metals In fact, being a child slave in a chocolate farm is better than be a "free" person who risks his life every day to supply US with diamonds so OUR wives and girlfriends will love us.

No comments have ever made me feel so bad for the general American public as these. What do you want people to do? Fly them to a first-world country?

Their problems go far beyond their work. Also to everyone acting shocked by this, pleeease stay in mid-western US. Then, there will be child slavery in the wheat fields.

Oh wait, there already is. KS farm kids are working for thier parents to raise wheat. Look, somebody bell call the easter bunny and tell him to boycott and all those kids that come to my door on Oct 31 looking for this chocolate.

Without demand, these kids will not have to work. Somebody get those peoples addresses so we can send them some Chocolate to taste.

I cant take it anymore. We are the slaves. I commute 60 miles each way to work in a cubicle to pay my bills so i can carry a cell phone that will give me brain cancer, live in a house that will give me lung cancer from radon gas and eat food that makes me fat so I get heart disease, diabetes and will have a stroke.

Who has it better off? Just forcing the growers to not use child labor will only make the lives worse for those children.

What should happen is that the major companies that knowingly used products that they knew to be harvested by children in a slave like condition should be required to build schools and provide housing for those children they exploited.

Otherwise, those children will starve to death or be forced to find an even worse alternative in order to feed themselves.

Lobbyists lobbied and won. This is the way our government works. Here we go again! Multinational corporations own them, and shareholders are thus complicit.

The same thing is going on with fruit from Central South America and with many goods from Southeast Asia. CNN has millions to spare Send the kids some chocolate and give him some pants and books.

Create a no fly zone over the Cocoa fields. Arm the kids so they can fight back. Use predator drones to hunt for hidden chocolate factories and wipe em out.

I see a lot of spoiled brats running around this country that would do well if they were shipped to Africa and made to work like these kids are doing.

There are fair trade certified options for many products like these. You can know that the farmer got paid a fair wage, and the products are virtually always of a higher and tastier quality.

I feel the same way about organic and free range foods. People waste money left and right on all sorts of garbage.

I think most people could readjust their budget if they were really committed to doing their part to have a more humane world. So wait, Chocolate corporations have workers to pick cocoa beans and sometimes the children are there as well "helping their parents" -Quote from the video.

They have jobs and are paid. In a poverty stricken country such as the Ivory Coast where coffee and cocoas beans control its economy, it should be expected for this kind of lifestyle to exist.

I love how CNN takes something positive and turns it into a negative story. Heres a crazy thought, if you have access to a printer and some sheets of small labels make labels that say "This chocolate was picked with child slave labor" and sneak a few or many labels on the underside of candy bars of the major offenders in stores.

Virginia, you are suggesting something that is absolute rubbish and would be a lie and you could get into trouble carrying out what you suggest.

Please get this in to your head. CNN should hang their heads in shame for running this libelous slave stuff on W.

I find it hard to believe that so many people have been hood winked by these two idiot reporters looking for spectacular copy.

I have lived and worked on the cocoa farms for 30 years and i should know what i am writing about. This slave children on the African cocoa farms stuff has been going on for over 10 years.

It was started by the fair trade brigade to increase their sales of basically crappy chocolate and then the usual wooly socks, sandal brigade reporter types took it up because they thought they could get something running and make loads of money from it.

What a horrible life when money is more important to you than human beings are! These poor kids should not be allow to have job. They should be armed with an AK47 and employed to rape and pillage like the neighboring countries.

Chocolate industry suppliers, manufacturers etc will never make more than a half hearted effort on their own to fix the slavery issue bc it will cut into profits.

The planet is chock full pun intended of stories like this one. All that stuff you have in your house that was made in China, was made ther bc they treat workers like garbage, pay them as little as possible, and can replace them when they fail to produce, get sick, ot die with more just like them.

Then the adverse effect to the overall economy is well underway, most significantly the job losses. This means the slow realization that nobody is all that concerned anymore about protecting the environment, preserving air quality, or stopping the massive hemmorhage of American dollars to the middle east.

Yes the Cocoa slaves have a terrible lot in life, and if you consume chocolate, you contribute to this, and if you boycott chocolate, you also contribute to this misery.

The reality is that even if most Americans were informed of this they would still purchase these products.

Because as sad as it is, unless it is their child, most people simply do not care. This will change my purchasing habits for sure.

Corporations at their worst. It it is sad to see. Personally, I am curious how hard it is to plant, grow and harvest Cocoa It also would give the chocoloate companies a home-grown alternative to this foreign slave labor.

You would have to move to Hawaii. This is mostly grown along the equator. So Newt Gingrich wants to bust the child labor laws in the United States and said so in the debates to a round of applause.

Keeping in mind that every human being on the planet should not need to attend university and there should be jobs for all, child labor is pretty bad.

For that to go away, their parents have to make enough money to support them. The Republicans all advocated killing the minimum wage in the United States without a consideration for not being able to support your family even with two adult workers.

This is a serious world wide issue. Now our labor goes to Baas Hawg. No improvement that I can see. Oh boohoo, the kids parents died and he now works on a farm that feeds him and shelters with the occasional payment given in exchange for labor.

He can leave if he wants to go starve to death or he can work to keep his place. Liberalism is a damned disease.. Hey, I deliveried papers when I was ten yrs old and could not read and made very little money also.

Then you went home to dinner and a bath got ready for bed after you did your homework. Got up put your nice school cloths on and went to school with a kiss from Mom.

I sold papers too. No one forced me to do it for 12 hours a day either. Free2work is the name of the app.

I really have my doubts that this story will have any impact in the chocolate industry. Like many other industries that use children, they will continue to supply as long as we demand.

And then these lawmakers got a few million from chocolate companies and suddenly forgot all about it. I thought it was pretty common knowledge that Slavery started in Africa and it is still rampant in Africa today In addition, China has big problems with child labor also.

Specifially Apple is one company that knows all about child labor working hour days in its production facilities and does nothing about it. This story is another reason why the Internet needs to stay free — and why media consolidation is dangerous.

This is why we need to re-elect President Obama: Yes, the DEM millionaires in Congress that were not millionaires prior to being in Congress are not part of the problem.

He is more interested in sending guns to Mexico and waging war on Americans than doing anything to help this country.

I bet he has some chocolate to go along with the Kobe beef and caviar. So all of you people that are outraged, where exactly do you think your cheap products, useless gadgets and inexpensive food comes from?

Some magical fairy is out there making it We call this life Then you think you help buy boycotting the products only to find out that is their ONLY way to make money so in reality you are sending them to an early grave.

They are smiling in the picture, their life cannot be that bad, this is the only life they know The gunman later killed himself.

According to security footage viewed by police, the gunman entered via the parking lot. Video of the scenes showed guests frantically running for the exits, the sound of gunshots and smoke coming from the upper floors of buildings.

Shooting at Philippines resort. Relatives of a victim sit in front of the Resorts World Hotel, a popular tourist site in Manila, the capital of the Philippines that was on lockdown after a shooting on June 2, A police official said the incident was a robbery attempt by one person and not a terrorist attack.

Firemen break a glass window of the Resorts World Hotel following the assault. Firemen arrive at the Resorts World Hotel.

A police officer stands guard outside the resort. Smoke rises from the resort complex, which has an array of hotels, restaurants and bars.

Police take positions outside the resort. A victim is stretchered away from the scene. It was not immediately clear how many people were hurt in the attack, which started around midnight on Thursday, June 1.

A victim is helped at the resort. Emergency responders tend to a victim. Apolinario confirmed that during the incident the gunman had engaged in a "firefight" with casino employees.

According to a statement from RWM , the gunman was found dead around 7 a. CNN Philippines reported he was found in the room, burned beyond recognition, next to an automatic weapon and a.

Emergency responders tend to a victim Friday at the Resorts World Manila. Hundreds of guests and employees rushed out of the resort hotel after the gunman began shooting on the second floor, hotel employees fleeing the scene told CNN Philippines.

Jay Dones, a witness on the scene, said some employees had told him a gunman fired shots in the air. The resort was put on lockdown and heavily armed SWAT officers wearing bulletproof vests and body armor descended on the scene.

Philippines battles growing threat. All terminals at Ninoy Aquino International Airport were placed on lockdown because of the attack, according to Robert Echano with airport operations.

The airport is about a mile away from the resort.

Cnn casino - right! like

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Ex-Trump executive: He's racist Shame on you as the opportunities you would have received and conditions you would have worked in online casino no deposit bonus no playthrough 2019 completely different. Custody; Mom Vanishes on Thanksgiving Day. A space between the "offensive" word "re tard" makes it less offensive apparently. All terminals at Ninoy Aquino International Airport were placed on lockdown because of the attack, according to Robert Echano with airport operations. CNN Philippines reported he was found in the room, burned beyond recognition, next to an automatic weapon and vidal casino. My logical mind keeps thinking high 5 casino credits/coins generator 2019 in a way we are preventing checkpoint casino brake by providing these poor kids a good way to earn money. Its not a question of what is being produced from child labor, its what should we do to stop it? AP - The parents of a teenage girl who was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver while crossing a street in Portland, Oregon, The Americans will buy less chocolate and some of these kids will be left jefe casino no way to feed themselves? Apolinario confirmed that during the incident the gunman had engaged in a "firefight" with casino employees. We have to vbl fifa 18 at this situation from both side of the table. Nerve Agent Mystery; World Cup. This should not be a surprise to anyone!

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