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Also, some styles have no straps, where the heel band is simply very tight and slips on wedged between the sole and heel of the boot.

Some spur designs have a slot for running the spur strap through, others have "buttons", sometimes on the heel band itself and sometimes attached to the heel band by hinges that allow a strap with buttonholes to be attached.

When used in military ranks, senior officers, and officers of all ranks in cavalry and other formerly mounted units of some armies, wear a form of spur in certain orders of dress which is known as the box spur, having no spur strap, but a long metal prong opposite the neck, extending between the arms of the heel band, which is inserted into a specially fitted recess or "box" in the base of the boot heel.

Due to the prong, such spurs can only be worn with appropriately equipped boots. This construction is shown in the photos of the swan neck and Waterford spurs below.

The shank angle from the yoke can vary from "full" to "one half" to "one quarter" to "straight". Some cowboys also added small metal pajados, also known as jingo bobs or jingle bobs, near the rowel, to create a jingling sound whenever the foot moved.

Rowels can vary in size and number of points. In the history of veterinary science , the word "rowel" described a small disk of leather or other material that was used as a seton stitch.

Prick spurs had straight necks in the 11th century and bent ones in the 12th. The earliest form of the spur armed the heel with a single prick.

In England, the rowel spur is shown upon the first seal of Henry III and on monuments of the 13th century, but it did not come into general use until the 14th century.

The earliest rowels probably did not revolve, but were fixed. The spurs of medieval knights were gilt and those of squires were silvered. Prick spurs were the standard form until the 14th century, when the rowel began to become more common.

The prick design never died out entirely, but instead became a thicker, shorter neck with a dulled end, such as the modern "Prince of Wales" design commonly seen in English riding.

Though often decorated throughout history, in the 15th century, spurs became an art form in both decoration and design, with elaborate engraving, very long shanks, and large rowels.

Though sometimes it has been claimed that the design changes were used because of barding , the use of barding had fallen out of fashion by the time the most elaborate spur designs were created.

More likely, the elaborate designs reflected the increased abundance of precious metals, particularly silver , that followed the European exploration of the Americas that began in Spur designs in Spain and colonial Mexico were particularly elaborate.

For example, the spurs of the Spanish conquistadores were sometimes called espuela grande, the "grand spur", and could have rowels as large as 6 inches around.

In northern Europe, the spur became less elaborate after the 16th century, particularly following the Stuart Restoration , but elaborate spur designs persisted, particularly in the Americas, descendants of which are still seen today, particularly in Mexico and the western United States , where the spur has become an integral part of the vaquero and cowboy traditions.

The spur as an art form, as well as a tool, is still seen in western riding , where spurs with engraving and other artistic elements, often handmade and using silver or other precious metals, are still worn.

Collecting of particularly beautiful antique spurs is a popular pastime for some individuals, particularly aficionados of western history and cowboy culture.

Just as a medieval knight was said to have "earned his spurs", the awarding of spurs has continued in the modern era as an honour bestowed upon individuals in organizations with military heritages, and among motorcycle riders.

Members of the Papal Orders of Knighthood receive gilt spurs directly from the hands of the pope ; members of the British Order of the Garter similarly receive gilt spurs from the monarch.

Inductees into the American Order of the Spur receive gold-coloured usually brass spurs if they have earned their membership through combat, or silver-coloured usually nickel spurs if they have not seen combat, but complete a rite of passage.

Spurs are worn with the tip of the neck pointed downward, sitting on the spur rest of the riding boot , if there is one, with the buckle of the spur strap worn on the outside of the foot.

Spur styles differ between disciplines. Spurs for western riding tend to be heavier, often decorated, and have rowels that rotate.

Spurs in English riding tend to be very sleek, slim, and conservative in design, with a shorter neck, as the saddle and leg position is closer to the horse.

They usually have a rounded or blunt end. Rowels are not as popular as the plain blunt end, although some types include a rowel or smooth disk on the end.

Dressage riders tend to ride in Waterford- style spurs with a rounded knob at the end. Conversely, show hunter and jumper riders may use a flatter end to encourage forward movement, such as the Prince of Wales design.

Another type of modern spur is those used on motorcycles. They are characterized by rowels worn as foot jewelry, hung off of boots.

They can be similar in appearance to spurs worn by equestrians. Get help from other users in our forums.

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